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 +254 787 383 890

We seek to ensure that all properties we manage meet the quality standards necessary to maintain them not only as viable investments, but also as appreciating assets that their Management Committee's can be proud of.

Our management portfolio includes individual residential units, Multi-tenant units, Town houses and Apartments (serviced and unserviced).

Our main management focus is on:

  • Ensuring the property is properly maintained through planned and routine maintenance schedules.
  • Determining and advising on the highest rental returns
  • Timely collection of rent, service charges, car-parking and other fees.
  • Remittance of payments as agreed. (We also offer guaranteed rent payment to Landlords).
  • Handling and administration of all operational aspects including services such as security, cleaning, gardening and maintenance of building structures,
  • Maintenance of all plant and equipment such as lifts, generators and firefighting equipment
  • Payment and administration of utilities, statutory and other outgoings such as rates, ground rents and insurance.
  • Regular inspections of properties to identify maintenance and tenants needs so as to address them in a timely manner.
  • Strict tenant selection criteria (includes background checks and /or referrals), ensuring tenants are willing and able to commit to rent payment schedules.
  • Effective Lease administration, ensuring landlords interests are taken care of and terms of the lease adhered to.
  • Financial management and reporting on the properties including generation and provision of detailed monthly, other statements as required
  • Ensuring that inspections are done (prior to tenants occupation and on vacating the premises) to ensure that they (the tenants) have complied with their obligations.
  • Tenant retention by building strong relationships through open channels of communication. 
  • Tenant's education on role of landlord and tenants.