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FACILITY MANAGEMENT /Administration of Common Areas

We ensure that tenants in the building receive adequate service for the service charge paid.

Service charge is ideally not income for the landlord and is used to provide for services such as cleaning, security, water and electricity among other items.

An audit of the service charge account is carried out periodically but usually after every 12 months to determine if the service charge paid is sufficient and if not it can be adjusted as required.



  1. Selecting and appointing the service providers in liaison with the client.
  2. Supervising the execution of services by the various service providers.
  3. Reviewing the performance of the service providers.
  4. Collecting and depositing the stipulated service charge in the management account, from all the respective landlords and tenants.
  5. Liaising with the clients to ensure that all service providers are adequately and promptly paid.
  6. Advising the client on the necessary capital improvements need done to the property.
  7. Co-coordinating all the clients’ meetings to be conducted on site or wherever may be deemed suitable.
  8. Paying the land rates on annual basis to the designated authorities on behalf of the client.
  9. Ensuring that all utility bills are offset in time to avoid the risk of disconnections.
  10. In conjunction with the Management, make Rules and Regulations governing occupancy and usage of common areas and facilities and enforce the same.
  11. Resolve disputes arising from usage of common areas and facilities.