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 +254 787 383 890

About us

Winsor brings with it, knowledge, technical expertise and experience for the sole purpose of maximizing returns and capital growth on our clients’ property investments and real estate needs.  We are therefore completely focused on providing the property industry with the best property related services; through a delivery channel that is efficient, effective, honest and professional and in so doing, sustain high growth, return on stakeholders’ expectations, provide employee motivation and security and show concern for the environment and community.

The company provides solutions in all categories of properties (commercial, residential & industrial), for both high and medium market segments and strives to offer high quality customer service and good investment and reliance on information technology (IT).

The directors are widely exposed on property business with passion to deliver value to our clients.


Why Winsor

  • Winsor customers are our friends through the offer of personalized service that we have been able to achieve through excellent, friendly and warm customer service.
  • The success of any company starts with exceptional leadership as well as innovative professional management. Winsor has assembled a wealth of knowledgeable and experienced team with over 8 years in property experience.
  • Through our range of products and services, Winsor is a one stop shop where property owners have a variety of services offered under one roof i.e. property management., property letting, property, property valuation, management of projects.
  • We are responsive and available to our customers.